Ulcerative Colitis – An Inside Look

To get a better understanding of this condition, as well as learn more about coping with chronic illness, I interviewed a long-time suffer to learn more.

Struggling With the Unpredictability of Multi-Symptom Chronic Illness

One of the hardest things for me to accept about dealing with chronic illness is the unpredictability of a lot of my symptoms. I have a handle on a few things that I can expect. For example: if I decide to head out to grocery shop, clean my apartment, cook, and then go out with… Continue reading Struggling With the Unpredictability of Multi-Symptom Chronic Illness

Boundary Hunter

I’ll have to say, having a chronic illness has certainly done nothing to aid in my fight against my anxiety. It seems like the more physical symptoms I exude, the more anxious I get. This makes sense really. The more physical symptoms I experience, the more I suddenly have to fear, or lose. The scariest… Continue reading Boundary Hunter

Chronic Guilt

Being chronically ill comes with a lot of negative bullshit. Regardless of what you're sick with - you reap awful side effects and symptoms of whatever you're diagnosed with. Aside from everything you deal with on a daily basis, there's a symptom of chronic illness that no one really seems to talk about - guilt.… Continue reading Chronic Guilt


I've not documented anything on this blog in a while so - here's a health update: At only 23 years old, I feel like I must be nearing 80, and my quality of life compared to most young adults my age is downright nonexistent. There’s a massive backstory that comes along with my health, both… Continue reading Chronically