Ulcerative Colitis – An Inside Look

To get a better understanding of this condition, as well as learn more about coping with chronic illness, I interviewed a long-time suffer to learn more.

Honest About Mental Illness

There's a certain strength that comes along with being honest about where you need to be met. I've not had much trouble throughout my life being open about my chronic physical illnesses. Most of the time, I've not had a choice in being straightforward about what I need and what my limits are, as feeling… Continue reading Honest About Mental Illness

No Motherly Modes

Unless they’ve already had kids fresh out of (or in) high school, most of the people I’ve grown up with have stated that they don’t want children, and cannot imagine themselves wanting them in the future. I am one of these people, although my reasons are quite different than those of most of my 20… Continue reading No Motherly Modes