Changing Tides

One of my least favorite things about myself has got to be my ever-changing emotional state. When you live with depression and anxiety – you can never really be sure when that under-tone of melancholy is going to rise to the surface and assault you. I’ve learned the only way to get out on the… Continue reading Changing Tides

No Motherly Modes

Unless they’ve already had kids fresh out of (or in) high school, most of the people I’ve grown up with have stated that they don’t want children, and cannot imagine themselves wanting them in the future. I am one of these people, although my reasons are quite different than those of most of my 20… Continue reading No Motherly Modes

Struggling With the Unpredictability of Multi-Symptom Chronic Illness

One of the hardest things for me to accept about dealing with chronic illness is the unpredictability of a lot of my symptoms. I have a handle on a few things that I can expect. For example: if I decide to head out to grocery shop, clean my apartment, cook, and then go out with… Continue reading Struggling With the Unpredictability of Multi-Symptom Chronic Illness